Saturday, April 13, 2013


Yes, I am screaming.  I am so excited about the Color Refresh, that I completely forgot about the New "In-Colors" coming out in June!  OMG…what a nice surprise that was!  (Once in a while it pays to be such a dingbat! LOL)

New colors are so fun!  It is just so inspiring to be able to make new combinations and try new things.  I have even been given a personal challenge…to make something awesome out of an "ugly" color.  I can do it!  All colors are awesome, in their own way.  Ill post more about the new colors once they are officially released.  But for now, here is some info on the Color Refresh.  And after that, an awesome video showing our new stamp boxes for wood-mount sets.  You have GOT to check it out!

Here is the summary of the refresh.  The video that follows is a tad bit long-winded, but it does a very good job of explaining all of the changes.  Don't let it burn you out and skip the box video!  I promise the last one is much shorter, and much more fun!  But hey, a girl has got to learn about her colors, too.

Ok ok, this one will wake you back up….

(screaming again)

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